Labor Day has passed and we are in prime campaign season. These midterm elections are possibly the most consequential of our lifetime; it’s time to focus!

Here are the most important things for us to do:

  • Vote!
  • Make sure all of our friends vote!
  • Volunteer for whatever you can do to help to make these elections as positive as possible.

With regard to volunteering, we’re asking you to register on as soon as you can. We have many volunteering opportunities on the site, mostly for Arizona, California, and North Carolina, and many more will be added in the next few weeks. But even if you are elsewhere (like Virginia), a number of these activities can be done remotely.

At, you can indicate the kind of things that you would prefer to do, like online research, graphic design, or writing postcards. We are not at all limited to phoning or knocking on doors, which many people would rather not do.

For example, we are working with a group called Blue Wave Arizona to organize campaigns to attend public events. They need online researchers to find public events and add them to a spreadsheet. You can sign up to help with that here:

If you do want to phone, almost all of our candidates can set you up to make calls to voters from home. You can find all of those opportunities here:

Please go to and register your preferences. As campaigns sign on, they will query for people with the interests that best match their needs. They won’t get any personal information about you until you offer it.

You’re on this newsletter list because you want to help — here’s your chance to help in a concrete way.

With your help, we can be turn this blue wave into a blue tsunami!

The UpRise Staff

Banner image by Antonia Scatton (all rights reserved).

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