UpRise in Arizona, the New Purple State!

After an exciting year in Arizona, we have decided to stay here, build on our successes and the relationships we have made, and help the absolutely critical state of Arizona turn blue for the 2020 presidential election! We had a great experience in the 8th CD special election, expanded the range of activities for volunteers, developed hard evidence that other activities can be just as effective (if not more) than traditional activities, and traveled across the state collecting stories and ideas about how to make campaigns better.

All Hands on Deck: Time to Volunteer!

Labor Day has passed and we are in prime campaign season. These midterm elections are possibly the most consequential of our lifetime; it’s time to focus! We’re asking you to register on UpRise.org as soon as you can. We have many volunteering opportunities on the site, mostly for Arizona, California, and North Carolina, and many more will be added in the next few weeks. But even if you are elsewhere (like Virginia), a number of these activities can be done remotely.

UpRise Campaigns Is in Arizona!

After the exhilarating successes in Virginia’s odd-year elections last year, we began to focus on Arizona, on an April special election in the Phoenix area. Dr. Hiral Tipirneni's campaign was ripe for the kind of volunteer-centric approaches that we have been promoting. Together with a great campaign staff and wonderful volunteers, UpRise's Antonia Scatton promoted the techniques that had worked so well in Virginia, focusing on visibility and community engagement.