UpRise is a place where you can organize your political life: find, sign up for and create real-world actions.


Search and sign up for volunteer actions by campaign, organization, keyword, location, date, issues and by 24 different activity types.

♦ UpRise will allow people to volunteer for multiple campaigns and advocate for issues, all at the same time, all through the same platform.

♦ UpRise will help volunteers find meaningful roles to play in campaigns and advocacy organizations.

♦ UpRise will allow volunteers to sign up for and instigate a wider range of activities including hosting house parties, putting up lawn signs, handing out literature, organizing town halls, and much more.

♦ Volunteers will keep their member profiles from one campaign cycle to the next, gathering credit for their lifetime of work, building a long term community and allowing people to create social ties and develop skilled teams.

♦ UpRise will allow people to create groups, organize demonstrations and develop volunteer projects without the work of having to legally establish a new organization, create a webpage or build a social media presence.