Our Mission:

Help Democratic and progressive candidates, organizations and Party committees increase their capacity, gain critical momentum and win by dramatically increasing volunteer and community engagement.

Our Vision:

A nation-wide community of highly skilled volunteers and volunteer coordinators working to fight for our rights, advocate for issues and revitalize our campaign process from the ground up.

Our Plan:

FOR INDIVIDUALS: UpRise will help you find meaningful ways to participate in the political process using your unique skills and interests.

FOR CANDIDATES AND CAUSES: UpRise will help you build programs and procedures to make the best possible use of the volunteers in your community.

UpRise is a Social Purpose Corporation founded by artificial intelligence pioneer, Nelson Morgan and political strategist and volunteer advocate, Antonia Gonzalez Scatton.

A Social Purpose Corporation is bound by its charter to serve its stated social purpose as opposed to creating profit for its shareholders. We chose this form over the traditional non-profit, as traditional non-profits, PACs and other associations are legally barred from interacting directly with political campaigns. As an SPC, we can legally interact with campaigns.