Our Mission:

Fix our broken political process by dramatically increasing volunteer engagement.

Our Vision:

A nation-wide movement of progressive volunteers working to fight for our rights, advocate for issues and completely revitalize our campaign process from the ground up.

Our Plan:

FOR INDIVIDUALS: UpRise will help you find meaningful ways to participate in the political process using your unique skills and interests.

FOR CANDIDATES AND CAUSES: UpRise will help you build programs and procedures to make the best possible use of the volunteers in your community.

The Progressive Movement: Overcoming Systemic Barriers

By making the individual volunteer the focus, we can help solve major problems that have held back the progressive movement and caused us to lose campaign after campaign.

We think we can’t run effective campaigns without big money and a big advertising budget.

In the past, running a “grassroots” campaign was perceived as running a disorganized and unprofessional one. UpRise will help people run professional quality campaigns based on volunteer participation and word-of-mouth outreach, which are cheaper and far more effective than broadcast advertising.

Dependence on donors makes it hard for elected officials to enact progressive laws.

We may not be able to stop the flow of big money into politics, but we can free our candidates from being dependent on it by giving them a viable alternative — and we can do it without passing new laws or overturning court decisions.

Our campaign process is too top-down and under the influence of people with a financial stake in keeping them expensive.

UpRise will help local candidates, campaigns and party committees build a stronger and more skilled volunteer base. Instead of cookie-cutter campaigns, candidates can be themselves and run campaigns that fit their communities and are more responsive to feedback.


UpRise is a Social Purpose Corporation founded by artificial intelligence pioneer, Nelson Morgan and political strategist and volunteer advocate, Antonia Scatton.

A Social Purpose Corporation is bound by its charter to serve its stated social purpose as opposed to creating profit for its shareholders. We chose this form over the traditional non-profit, as traditional non-profits, PACs and other associations are legally barred from interacting directly with political campaigns. As an SPC, we can legally interact with campaigns.

Image by Jonathan Eyler-Werve (Women’s March, January 21 2017, Chicago) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons