A Way Forward: Campaign Reform

There is a way forward, a way to fix our broken political process. It is campaign reform: putting local people back in charge of the political campaign process. We must take back our political process from the “campaign industrial complex”. These people have squandered our most critical resources: the skills, local knowledge and relationships of political volunteers, people just like you.

Our New Book!

We Can Fix It! by UpRise co-founder, Nelson Morgan "It is time to look closely at [campaign] strategies and question them. This booklet is about a piece of this new outlook, the part that is a way out of the dominance of the effect of large campaign contributions." -- From the Foreword by George Lakoff … Continue reading Our New Book!

UpRise Coast To Coast!

Antonia Scatton reaches our nation's capital, where she continues to meet with state and local candidates getting ready for the upcoming election in November 2016. They need to know there is an alternative to dependence on big money, to constant fundraising. This year's candidates need to know now that positive messaging, word-of-mouth marketing in campaigns, … Continue reading UpRise Coast To Coast!