By working with our coalition partners, we can engage the public to build a larger progressive community, recruit new volunteers and develop team leaders.

UpRise works with candidates and their campaigns, activist organizations and political parties to help them make better use of the talent, experience, relationships and local knowledge that volunteers can offer.

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The best way to recruit new volunteers and convince voters we care is to be present and visible in our communities. We need to let them know that we are their own friends and neighbors. We help you be everywhere people gather by organizing tabling, booths and street teams.

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We need to motivate volunteers to show up and bring friends. New volunteers need easy and social activities. Skilled volunteers need challenging projects. We develop ways for everyone to plug in and help you build the capacity to use them productively.


To increase capacity, you have to build community, and communities need places to come together! We’re combining campaign offices and social clubs to make real community hubs that also function as a storefront, so the public can find and approach us.


We should develop our skills before the campaign cycle heats up. We provide advanced training in strategic planning, communications, field organizing, team management, data management and more, so when campaign season arrives, you are ready to move into high gear.


We’re working to advance the science of political campaign work by conducting novel field experiments to test the impact of new and unproven volunteer and face to face outreach activities.

Create the winning edge for your team with UpRise. Nothing makes a bigger difference in life than creating community. UpRise understands this and builds upon it for your campaign.

The UpRise team takes the time to understand each person’s unique skills and abilities and how to incorporate them into a campaign. Media buys, direct mail and robocalls will never come close to having the impact your neighbor, peer or colleague have when it comes to influencing your vote.

This isn’t a job, it is a passion for UpRise. They want to change the world one conversation at a time and they are. Look at their latest result in AZ CD-8!

Kelly Paisley
Campaign Manager,
Hiral Tipirneni for Congress 2018 Special Election, AZ08