The UpRise Action Platform

We are building a social networking site with tools for organizing real-world political action. People use Facebook to manage their social lives and LinkedIn to manage their professional lives. We need a place to manage our political lives. 

UpRise will be a community hub and app toolbox that volunteers, campaigns, and other political organizations can use to collaborate on a wide variety of outreach activities.

UpRise Is for Volunteers:


♦ UpRise will allow people to volunteer for multiple campaigns and advocate for issues, all at the same time, all through the same platform.

♦ UpRise will allow volunteers to sign up for and instigate a wider range of activities including hosting house parties, putting up lawn signs, handing out literature, organizing town halls, and much more.

♦ UpRise will allow people to create groups, organize demonstrations and develop volunteer projects without the work of having to legally establish a new organization, create a webpage or build a social media presence.

♦ Volunteers will keep their member profiles from one campaign cycle to the next, gathering credit for their lifetime of work, building a long term community and allowing people to create social ties and develop skilled teams.

♦ UpRise will provide a forum for discussing new ideas and developing best practices, one which doesn’t exist anywhere now. It will provide a knowledge base to collect and share valuable information about local resources and opportunities.

UpRise Is for Campaigns:



♦ UpRise will give campaigns a suite of tools for managing large scale word-of-mouth-marketing campaigns that are volunteer-staffed, involve a diversity of activities, and have the kind of metrics and accountability demanded in the private sector.

♦ UpRise will allow campaigns to recruit volunteers and connect with volunteers who have professional skills so they can be placed in important roles in the campaign staff.

♦ UpRise will help campaigns to entrust volunteers to organize a wide array of campaign activities even where the campaign can’t afford local field offices or staff.

This is our most critical mission!

Putting these tools in the hands of campaigns and people in the community is the key to creating real, lasting change in our political process. Help us get the network up and running by making a contribution today!

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