One of our biggest concerns has been the lack of options for volunteers other than going door to door or making phone calls.

In the special election, we found out which types of activities volunteer prefer to do. All campaign volunteers who signed up at events or in the office filled out a form to indicate their preferences, and the results were pretty enlightening!

Postcard writing was the favorite activity by far, selected by 65% of volunteers. Office staffing came in second at 38%. On the other hand, going door to door was chosen by only 16% of volunteers.

Here’s the complete breakdown:

65% —– Postcard Writing

38% —– Office Staffing and/or Data Entry

28% —– Phoning

18% —– Writing (Letters to the Editor, etc.)

18% —– Yard Signs (delivery)

16% —– Door Knocking

16% —– Community Outreach

11% —– House Parties

8% —– Driving Voters

6% —– Precinct Organizing

6% —– Election Protection (Legal)

5% —– Social Media

5% —– Event Planning

4% —– Food Preparation

3% —– Training

2% —– Housing for Volunteers

Given the popularity of postcards among volunteers, we focused a lot of our efforts in the midterm elections on expanding opportunities for volunteers to engage in postcard writing campaigns.