UpRise can help you increase your turnout and share of the vote by dramatically expanding your supporters’ capacity to connect with and motivate voters.

Rather than capitalize on these ideas to make a profit, our goal is to help you reduce your costs. We would be happy to talk with you about finding a way to help you that fits your needs and your budget.

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Important new research about campaign communications and outreach tactics, what works and what doesn’t, and how we might redesign the way we campaign based on the best available evidence and innovation in the private sector.


Mobilizing your volunteers and supporters to engage in direct contact with voters (a.k.a. word-of-mouth and influencer marketing) and visibility (a.k.a. peer endorsement and promotional marketing) using a wide array of activities, including but not limited to: house parties, street teams, parent networks, lawn signs , posters, postcards, art squads, letters to the editor, tabling, voter registration, pop-up campaign offices, selfie stations, barbershop and salon outreach, media corps, campus outreach, special events teams, sports outreach, social life outreach, local advertising, mobile billboards, neighbor to neighbor, food events and more…


You need people willing to take responsibility for small but important parts of the campaign (or large ones) and people with professional or advanced amateur skills. Building up your volunteer campaign “staff” is critical to the ability to scale up.


You need to find out about opportunities to reach out into the community and you need a lot of information about where people go and what is happening. Everybody can participate in gathering information, even supporters who don’t have the time to “volunteer”.


You need everyone to be on message every day, and that means keeping people in the loop on their message strategy. Even if people can’t do anything else, they should sign up to receive talking points so they can use them when talking to others.