How Do You Convert Anti-Trump Anger into Votes? Surprising Answers from the VA Campaigns

I am still thrilled with the election results here in Virginia. We did better than we expected in our wildest dreams -- picking up 15 seats in the House of Delegates and sweeping the state-wide elections by a huge margin. While more than 40 campaigns statewide used our platform to recruit volunteers for tasks and skilled roles, our most innovative work was done here in the Richmond area. We worked with many campaigns in the region to encourage them to embrace more volunteer-driven person-to-person outreach and visibility activities.

UpRise Coast To Coast!

Antonia Scatton reaches our nation's capital, where she continues to meet with state and local candidates getting ready for the upcoming election in November 2016. They need to know there is an alternative to dependence on big money, to constant fundraising. This year's candidates need to know now that positive messaging, word-of-mouth marketing in campaigns, … Continue reading UpRise Coast To Coast!