Matt Hummel for Oakland, CA City Council, At-Large

By Antonia

In early August, UpRise went to Oakland to help Matt Hummel set up his campaign. Matt is a long time Oakland activist and has recently received the Green Party endorsement, which carries a lot of weight in this progressive town.

Matt serves as Chair of the Oakland Cannabis Regulatory Commission, which under his leadership has developed groundbreaking, effective and fair regulatory processes which serve as a model for cities and states across the country.

The At-Large seat is a challenge as you have to campaign city-wide and Oakland has a population of over 400,000. But Matt has deep ties in many communities, including the Arts, giving him a big and talented volunteer base, and we’re helping him mobilize them.

Matt is going to focus on poster campaigns, street teams and community gatherings at small family-owned businesses, such as the legendary “Lois the Pie Queen” in North Oakland.

Matt also has the best campaign logo! One of his campaign issues is how the City balances its budget on the backs of low income people through baroque parking regulations and other minor violations that disproportionately hurt those least able to pay.