Peter Jacob for Congress, New Jersey 7th District

By Antonia

Next we set off to New Jersey, to work with Peter Jacob. Peter is an Indian-American social worker and first time candidate, inspired to run by Bernie Sanders. Peter won the highest number of votes ever cast in a Democratic primary in the District.

Peter has a great campaign manager and team of mostly volunteer and very talented campaign staffers. I spent a week on the ground with the campaign, and by the time I left they already had their lawn sign outreach operation underway and were gearing up to organize street teams, house parties and more.

Peter is a great candidate: open and honest, whip smart, with a dash of JFK style and boundless energy. His experience as a social worker gives him a deep understanding of the problems of everyday people. To him, these people are not just stories, they have names and faces and families.  Learn more about Peter here: