Zephyr Teachout for Congress, New York 19th District

By Antonia

After working in New Jersey, we made a swing through the Hudson Valley in New York to drop in on the campaign of Zephyr Teachout. This is a top-tier, mega- targeted race in a new and very swing District.

Bill Moyers once referred to Zephyr as a “bare knuckle fighter” against money in politics. Many of you may know of Zephyr as the former right hand woman of Howard Dean and as the CEO and Board Chair of the MAYDAY PAC. We at UpRise are big fans!

I met with her Communications Director, Jon Warnow, who has major street cred of his own as a founder of 350.org and one of the architects of the International Day of Climate Action, which organized over 5,000 demonstrations on over 180 countries in support of the 350 parts-per-million goal for CO2 in the atmosphere.

Jon and I discussed UpRise’s Media Squad strategy, in which he could mobilize volunteers to travel around the district as “embedded” reporters, to cover the activities of the campaign and candidate and produce stories about them and about real people in the District, which the campaign could then use in its social media and website: http://www.zephyrteachoutforcongress.com/.