Jerry Sturgill for U.S. Senate, Idaho

By Antonia

Heading back West to Idaho, home to one of the best Democratic Party operations in the U.S. under the leadership of Sally Boynton Brown, who was recently elected President of the Association of State Democratic Executive Directors.

To the IDP, our approach wasn’t a hard sell: they’ve been doing it the low-budget, people-powered way all along and were happy to hear about new ideas. In a whirlwind 48 hours, I gave 4 separate training sessions on all aspects of our volunteer engagement program.

Senate candidate Jerry Sturgill was particularly enthusiastic. His campaign is adopting our overall approach with an emphasis on street teams, the speaker’s bureau and media squad. Sturgill, a leader in the Mormon church and very principled progressive, says that “if he has to sell out to get there, he doesn’t want to go”. What a great guy!

The Idaho Party is making a serious commitment to volunteer engagement. They believe they need to start now to build the kind of volunteer community that will be able to make a difference in their state in years to come. That kind of commitment is a model to campaigners everywhere! Check them out at